Discover the pinnacle of minimalism with our Micro Wallets—ultra-thin at 1.3mm, these water resistant, eco-friendly wonders pack durability and RFID protection. Crafted from a single piece of Tyvek®, they resist tears, wear, and water, ensuring longevity. With room for 8 cards and cash, choose from artist-designed prints, making your Micro Wallet a unique reflection of style. Embrace compact sophistication without compromising strength—your Micro Wallet is both a fashion statement and a fortress for essentials.

SOLD OUT Micro Designs

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Our Micro Wallets are designed to be the smallest, slimmest and safest wallets available. Our Micro Wallets are a mere 1.3mm thick and are durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, with space for 8 cards and cash, and even integrates RFID protection. This Micro Wallet is as small as a card when closed and is more durable than you can imagine.

Our Micro Wallets are made from one continuous piece of Tyvek® smart material. These RFID blocking wallets come with digital protection seamlessly integrated into the fold making them virtually untearable and highly resistant to wear & tear. Apart from being super-durable, the Tyvek® material we use to make our Micro Wallets is also water resistant, so rain or shine, you know you’re protected with your waterproof Micro Wallet. Even though our Micro Wallets are essentially paper thin wallets, they still expand over time while remaining beautiful and never compromising their durability.

Choose from any of our artists’ custom printed Tyvek® wallets, each with their own unique and beautiful designs making your Micro Wallet a reflection of your own style.