'Crazy Clown'
'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown' 'Crazy Clown'

'Crazy Clown'



  • Best suited to 12-16 cards plus flat bills
  • Made from Tyvek material
  • Artist Designed -  Designs by creative artists from around the world
  • Measures (closed wallet) - 3.9 inches ( 9.906 cm ) x  3.25 inches ( 8.255 cm )
  • Stitch-less origami inspired, innovative product design
  • Backed by our 30 day warranty
  • More About Tenebrini

    MN, USA

    founded Squad19 Creative Union, the Voltron of poster making. Squad19 is a group of individuals soldiering on for the sake of their creative pursuits, usually in the art/design/rock arena. Since planting the flag in 2000 over 150 artists, designers and writers have drifted in and out of the cause. Printing usually takes place in Tenebrini's basement during the golden hours when the children are asleep... the designs and ideas within the art have come from all over the upper Midwest and beyond.


    Product Description

    Our Slim Wallet is not only slim, simple & designed by artists but it also guarantees endurance being made from waterproof, tear proof and 100% recyclable Tvyek. The Slim Wallet’s expandable material allows 12 to 16 credit cards comfortably & plenty of cash making it the perfect minimalist wallet to keep your life organized and your pockets light.


    Each of our Slim Wallets are custom designed by artists around the world. Our Slim Wallets are also unisex, so whether it’s slim wallets for men or women, look no further than our comfortable, beautiful and safe minimalist wallets. Try our Slim Wallet today and see how much lighter your life and your pockets can be when you use a thin wallet.

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