Boat - 'Dots' Minimalist Boat Bag
Boat - 'Dots' Minimalist Boat Bag Boat - 'Dots' Minimalist Boat Bag Boat - 'Dots' Minimalist Boat Bag

Product Description

Artist designed Tyvek® bags are designed for your comfort by fusing durability, function & style in the most minimalistic way. Water Resistant / Durable / Eco-Friendly / Expands to fit your needs.

Azumi Mitsuboshi uses a fantastic micro technique of overlapping colored dots to give this design it's texture and depth. The dots seem to move and change with an almost iridescent quality. A design for someone who appreciates the artistic expression while looking for a simple design.

The Paper Boat Tote is the a perfect combination of feminine style with pure and simple function. Made from Tyvek®, this tote becomes a perfect canvas for high quality prints while having all the great attributes of Tyvek®. This Tyvek® tote is easy to clean and the material is water resistant so it is perfect for the unexpected of your everyday. Rain or shine, beach or bench you can trust this tote will be your best friend.

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