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Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet Seeds | RFID Wallet

Seeds | RFID Wallet



  • RFID Protection
  • Fits 10-12 cards + cash
  • Made from Tyvek smart material
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.25 in / 9.9 x 8.25 cm (closed)
  • Stitch-less innovative origami design
  • 30-Day money back guarantee  
  • Available while supplies last
  • More About Ai Weiwei

    Beijing , China

    "I think it’s a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression and to use any way to extend this power."

    Ai Weiei trained as an artist in New York, but never really knew how his art would function in the so-called art world. "I didn’t feel part of it and nobody was interested in me. Then in 2008, after I had moved back to China, Sichuan had an earthquake.

    It was devastating: more than 80,000 lives disappeared. Many of the dead were young people at school and university. I’d been writing a daily blog – about modern Chinese society, the government and art – but I stopped suddenly. People asked me why but, faced with such a tragedy, I was silenced. I couldn’t find the right vocabulary."


    Product Description

    Our Slim Wallet is not only slim, simple & designed by artists but it also guarantees endurance being made from waterproof, tear proof, 100% recyclable Tvyek and this design comes fully RFID protected. The Slim Wallet’s expandable material allows 12 to 16 credit cards comfortably & plenty of cash making it the perfect minimalist wallet to keep your life organized and your pockets light.

    Each of our Slim Wallets are custom designed by artists around the world. Our Slim Wallets are also unisex, so whether it’s slim wallets for men or women, look no further than our comfortable, beautiful and safe minimalist wallets. Try our Slim Wallet today and see how much lighter your life and your pockets can be when you use a thin wallet.

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