Collaboration is really what Paperwallet is all about. Paperwallet works with artists, brands, institutions, and companies on collaborative efforts all over the creative space. Each collaboration tries to bring innovative product design and creative expression together.

Working with artists is something we do to create all Paperwallet designs, but many times we partner up with artists to promote a broader goal. Check out our recent collab with Ai Weiwei, a prominent Chinese activist, and one of today’s most important and controversial artists. With exhibitions in major art museums around the world, Weiwei’s art is centered around the need for free expression and deals directly with his experiences in mainland China. In creating two wallets, Weiwei hopes to raise awareness for his Free Expression campaign and raise money for activities in this arena.


We also connect with brands to connect our artists with other innovators making next-generation products. Check out our collab with Taiwanese design house, Bitplay, to create a modern twist (it’s awesome) to a classic lamp. These limited edition pieces are nearly sold out and only available in a handful of places. The lamps shades were designed by Paperwallet artists and printed on Tyvek®! Check them out here. 

Companies with a focus on design like Cartoon Network and Shutterstock continue to work with to make sure their branding efforts stay effective and fresh, and we have worked with companies like these on dozens of designs that we make exclusively for them. You can’t get these limited pieces on, but here are some images of these collabs.

We have tyvek® Shoes coming too as well as a whole bunch of other collabs in the pipeline – Connect with us if you want to collab!