The Slim Wallet 

Paperwallet's Slim design is the thinnest wallet with conventional features unlike any on the market. We designed the Slim Wallet from one sheet of highly durable, expanding and water proof material called Tyvek®; Its not paper but it is paper thin. Each wallet is designed by creative diverse artists from around the world or from one of our in-house artists. Don't be fooled by other products on the market with over-sized sloppy designs. Paperwallet is Quality in every aspect - Design, Print, Comfort, Size and Customer Satisfaction. 

We give artists around the world the canvas for their creative work. The Slim design has 2 credit card slots, 2 business card flaps, 2 side pockets and a cash compartment. On some new slims there are 2 extra slots for cards in the cash compartment. There is no compromise in functionality here.

Keep it slim, Keep it creative and Carry with style