More About Garavato

Garavato / Colombian illustrator and multidisciplinary designer, since 10 years.

He grew up in a small summer town called Girardot surrounded by friends, swimming pools, skate, music, pencils, sowed the curiosity that led him to live as nomadic cities across the country and constantly feeding his passion for the visual arts. Graduated from the faculty of Industrial Design has developed projects in graphic, industrial, interior, art direction, illustration and on. 

In his art and projects he shows his taste for birds, which represent freedom, to be able to fly and to migrate, and for the apes that are the evolution in his life and work.

You will find him trow the Stencil as a technique for painting on a large scale combined with a freestyle. Inspired by nature, colors, his projected animals are one of the topics that intrigues and motivates him to continue creating. They have worked on designs for our Slim Wallet, take a look through some of their selected works below:


Our Collaboration