The RFID Clutch Wallet

Swift, Secure, Simple

Artfully crafted, our sleek Clutch wallets blend style and durability with Tyvek®. Modern Clutch purses feature 3 card slots, 2 cash compartments, and a zippered pocket. Minimalist in essence, our clutches prioritize functionality, holding up to 9 cards. Unisex and versatile, they're ideal everyday essentials.

RFID Protection

Note: Our Clutch Wallet collection is being discontinued, and once sold out, it won't be restocked. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of this unique collection before it's gone. Limited stock available.

RFID Clutch Wallets

The new RFID clutches collection gives you the clutch wallet design you know, improved with integrated RFID protection making this a truly safe, modern and minimalist accessory. Slim, simple RFID wallet clutches designed by artists with the endurance of Tyvek® smart material making our RFID Clutch wallet a truly modern accessory. With three card-slots, two large cash compartments, and a large zippered pocket, these RFID Clutch wallets are designed to fit your lifestyle beautifully. Our clutch RFID wallets are designed with minimalism in mind. Each of our clutch RFID wallets can hold up to 9 cards and are designed to keep your belongings organized, comfortable and safe. Our RFID wallet clutches are unisex, making them perfect RFID wallets for men or RFID wallets for women.