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Share your brand or design with others using one of our custom made wallets. Imagine how perfect your company’s logo or design on any of our personalized wallets would be to share at your next corporate event or trade show. Custom made wallets can also be a special gift or a way to showcase your unique designs. Wallets you can customize are a practical and durable gift with function, safety and style.

Our personalized wallets are made from tear proof, waterproof and 100% recyclable Tvyek® material. Our custom wallets also expand as you use them, offering more storage without compromising the durability of such thin wallets.

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We print our custom wallets and other products using art quality offset printers and each printer is the huge - the size of a bus! Each of our customized wallets goes through an intensive color correction process with every new artwork printed to ensure colors are perfectly true and as the artist intended. The ink is cured/bonded onto the Tyvek® for the wallets to create a strong water-resistant bond that will not wear with use or bleed.


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