As technology continues to progress, the conversation around data protection becomes increasingly important. We know it’s important to not share our passwords and carefully manage account information, but did you know your sensitive information can be breached without your knowledge directly from your pocket in everyday places?

Luckily, there’s protection by way of “RFID SHIELD”, officially referred to as RFID blocking devices. Turn any wallet into an RFID blocking fortress from digital theft with our RFID Shields (made from copper-nickel alloy). Our RFID blocking Shields provide protection against most readers and is engineered specifically to block High-Frequency RFID signals of ≥60dB from 10 MHz to 3 GHz.
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I love these wallets. My previous one lasted two years and it's still going! Only bought a replacement because it got a little too loose and I wanted to have less cards in the wallet. I love the design and vibrancy. They are so durable and the art is beautiful!