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The Ultimate Front Pocket Wallet Fashion Look Book

The Ultimate Front Pocket Wallet Fashion Look Book

image of front pocket wallet next to a latte drink

Let’s face it...the oversized, bulky wallets are a thing of the past. The modern world is all about efficiency, comfort, and ease - and that applies to everything from our businesses to our wallets and accessories. So while the primary function of a wallet is to carry your personal items, we no longer have to settle on slim style wallets.

Front pocket wallets are here and they’re the perfect accessory to not only keep your cards and cash safe, but most folks won’t even be able to tell you’re carrying a wallet in your pockets! Read on for a full description of the wonders of the front pocket wallet and a custom wallet lookbook to see all the occasions you can flaunt (or hide) a front pocket wallet of your own.


What is a Front Pocket Wallet?

At Paperwallet, nearly all of our wallets can qualify as front pocket wallets. We feature several wallet styles, suited for particular needs. At the slimmest end of the spectrum we have the Micro Wallet. This front pocket wallet measures no more than 6.1 cm thick and is durable, waterproof, eco-friendly. Don’t be fooled by its size -  the Micro Wallet has room for 8 cards and cash, and even integrates RFID protection.

Looking for a little bit more wallet room without gaining too much weight in your pockets? The Slim Wallet may be the front pocket wallet for you! The Slim Wallet’s expandable material can carry 12 to 16 credit cards, plus plenty of cash. It measures 9.906 cm thick and is a comfortable men's front pocket wallet or women's front pocket wallet. It’s the best minimalist wallet to keep your world organized - and your front pockets light!

On the larger end of paperwallet’s front pocket wallets is the Flat Wallet. This wallet ensures you have room to spare with a build that can support up to 18 cards, cash, and the RFID protection to keep your items safe. Measuring in at a thickness of 10.16 cm, you can still count on this front pocket wallet to do its job without messing up your look. 

No matter which of these front pocket wallets tickles your fancy, you want to choose one that can go anywhere life takes you. That’s right, we said anywhere. We’ve created a wallet fashion look book highlighting the chicest ways to wear front pocket wallets, whether you’re out for a date night, at the office, or on a red carpet.


Front Pocket Wallets for Casual Looks

You may think your day-to-day look isn’t one to fuss over, but we disagree. We live most of our lives in casual-wear, so it’s even more important that our wallets can add some extra comfort and style to brighten up an average day. Here, we outline the trendiest looks to incorporate your front pocket wallet into whether it’s at the office, out with friends, or on vacation.

image of a casual outfit - front pocket wallet

image of an office appropriate outfit - front pocket wallet

image of exercise clothing - front pocket wallet

Office Events

Talk about versatility! This front pocket wallet is perfect to have on you for a lunch meeting with clients, running errands with coworkers, or the after-work happy hour. Rest assured, with looks like these you’ll be more comfortable than ever while you get down to business.

Afternoon Out With Friends

Friends and family make life sweeter, which is why we’ve designed these front pocket wallet looks around all things positive and fun. Take these fashion tips out to the ball game, to the movie theater, or a trip to the mall. 

Outdoor Adventures

paperwallet’s front pocket wallets are designed for style, but also durability through the use of Tyvek material. While these fashionable outfits aren’t made of Tyvek, they are made to keep you cool, and unrestricted while you kick it at the beach, or on an afternoon hike. 


The hustle and bustle of travel is exciting, but can easily get stressful if you’re worried about keeping track of your valuables. This is where a front pocket wallet really shines. Allow the slim, sturdy design of these accessories be one less thing on your checklist while you rock the most fashionable looks around the globe. 


Front Pocket Wallets for Semi-Formal Looks


Making a first impression can be nerve wracking, we get it. You want to dress to impress, without looking too over the top. Polished, yet approachable. It can be a difficult balance to find! Luckily, a sleek front pocket wallet can work with many of these looks for both men and women. Read on for our best tips and tricks for styling your front pocket wallets for semi-formal occasions like date nights, cocktail parties, or networking events. Get ready to show up in style!

image of a male's date night outfit - front pocket wallet

image of women's cocktail attire - front pocket wallet

Date Night

A night out with that special someone calls for a special outfit. Feel confident and secure in your sense of fashion with these great looks for a date night! Everyone knows the best way to impress a date is by focusing on the details, right? Well, we can’t help with the candles and roses, but your accessories will be covered with a front pocket wallet like this one. 

Cocktail Parties

Looking to be the swankiest person in the room at your next cocktail mixer? Show up in style with a sleek, modern look featuring an equally suave front pocket wallet. Slim front pocket wallets like these paired with a trendy outfit means you will be primed and ready to break it down on the dance floor - without worry about your wallet getting in the way. Cheers!

Networking Events

Whether you’re looking for a new business opportunity, or trying to make a positive first impression, showing up to your next networking event in one of these sharp looks can help you start out on the right foot. Better yet? You can stash your business cards in your front pocket wallet to impress those new connections. 


Front Pocket Wallets for Formal Looks


It's not every day that you're invited to a swanky formal event. On the days when you're taking extra care to dress your very best, you can rest assured that your slim wallet can still come along for the evening in your front pocket. Here, we note the most important details to keep in mind when pairing your front pocket wallet with a formal look for the red carpet, black-tie weddings, or award ceremonies.

image of red carpet dresses - front pocket wallet 

men's red carpet look - front pocket wallet

Red Carpet

Even on the red carpet, you have to make sure you have the essentials on you! So how do you make sure your finest outfit isn’t ruined by a clunky wallet? Try a front pocket wallet on for size. Each of these looks is sure to wow the paparazzi! 



Trying to keep track of all your personal items at a wedding can become a hassle, especially for the ladies. Consider trying one of these styles for your next wedding event featuring gowns with pockets and jackets that compliment this front pocket wallet perfectly.


Award Ceremonies

Whether you’re getting ready to make a big acceptance speech, or cheering on a loved one, there’s enough to think about at an award ceremony besides your accessories. Keep it cool and professional with a front pocket wallet that’s demure enough to keep the attention on you while still letting folks know you’ve got impeccable taste. 

Front pocket wallets are obviously a great choice for any situation or occasion. Whether you want to hide your wallet or show off your minimalist accessories style, any Paperwallet design can meet your needs. 

Do you have a favorite wallet to pair with your most fashionable outfits?

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