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Image of yellow origami boat against a sky blue background

The Art of Minimalism: How Paper Origami Influences Design | Paperwallet

How is it possible that such a small wallet can still fit a full set of cash and cards? The answer lies in the art of paper origami. Origami inspired the design of every Paperwallet and contributes to the blend of art, science, and style that makes the Paperwallet so unique.
by Ankit Ron August 20, 2018
Tyvek paper for paperwallets

What Is Tyvek® Paper? | Paperwallet

When designing the original Paperwallet, it was crucial to identify a material able to keep up with life’s challenges and stand the test of time. It was also important to minimize waste and make strides to protect the environment. Tyvek® material was a natural choice to aid in achieving both of these goals. Now, all Paperwallet products are made using Tyvek® paper.
by Ankit Ron July 24, 2018