The new RFID minimalist wallets collection gives you the slim wallet design you know improved with integrated RFID blocking protection making our RFID wallets a truly safe, modern and minimalist accessory. The Slim Wallet is not only slim, simple & designed by artists but it also guarantees endurance since our RFID wallets are made from waterproof, tear-proof and 100% recyclable Tyvek. The Slim Wallet’s expandable material allows 12 to 16 credit cards comfortably & plenty of cash making it the perfect minimalist RFID blocking wallet to keep your life organized and your pockets light. Each of our Slim RFID blocking Wallets are custom designed by artists around the world. Our Slim Wallets are also unisex, so whether it’s slim RFID blocking wallets for men or women, look no further than our comfortable, beautiful and safe minimalist RFID wallets. Try our RFID blocking Slim Wallets today and see how much lighter your life and your pockets can be when you carry your own minimalist wallet.

What Is a Slim Wallet?

The idea of a slim wallet is a wallet designed with minimalism, functionality, and durability in mind. Paperwallet’s slim minimalist wallets were inspired by the ancient art of origami and are created using strategic, delicate folds that make for a thin, compact minimalist wallet. Though it may be a slim wallet, it’s still a strong minimalist wallet. Paperwallet slim wallets are made using Tyvek a material perfect for the composition of minimalist wallets because it is built to last against rips and tears, liquids, chemicals, and the test of time. Your slim minimalist wallet will expand slightly to fit up to 12 to 16 cards, plus cash.

What’s the Best Minimalist Wallet for Men?

Your slim minimalist wallet can act as a reflection of your personal spirit and style. Paperwallet has minimalist wallets to match every mood and genre and offers designs from artists from all backgrounds and styles from around the world. If you want a more low key, simple minimalist wallet for work, consider one of our solid colored minimalist wallets. Once the workday is through, break out the color and patterns to express yourself with one of our more unique minimalist wallet designs.

Is There a Minimalist Wallet for Women?

One of the great things about Paperwallet’s slim wallets is that they are gender-neutral and make a stylish and useful accessory for both men and women. Paperwallet offers a wide selection of minimalist wallet designs and patterns to appeal to all tastes. At Paperwallet, we take pride in representing the work of both male and female artists in our minimalist wallet collections. Whether you gravitate towards floral, color-blocked, cartoon, or throwback designs, you can bet there’s a slim wallet design for you.

How Do I Protect My Credit Card in My Minimalist Wallet?

The theft is the biggest threat to your credit cards in your minimalist wallet. You can encounter theft by criminals stealing your wallet or by using RFID technology to use radio waves to read and capture data and information stored on your credit card chip.

The most reliable way to protect yourself against getting your wallet stolen is to utilize a minimalist wallet design that enables you to have a front pocket wallet where it is easier to protect and safely within your field of view.

Guard yourself against theft using RFID technology by carrying an RFID protected wallet. These RFID minimalist wallets are specially designed to block radio waves trying to capture the data and information on your credit cards.

Do RFID Wallets Actually Work?

Yes, RFID wallets do in-fact work! RFID wallets are manufactured with a layer of wrapping made from carbon fiber or metal. This special layer on RFID blocking wallets is designed to prevent the electromagnetic fields used by thieves and prevent their scanners from reaching your cards with RFID chips embedded in them. This carbon fiber or metal material used to create the protective shield is considered a conductive material. This defensive layer of RFID blocking wallets takes the incoming electromagnetic waves from RFID scanners and disperses it around the wallet while refusing entry through the protective wallet shield.