Paperwallet Card Wallet is designed to simplify your wallet and hold what you need most.

Specifically sized credit card will hold your plastic, while the card flaps are designed to hold different sized cards cash, and other.

The side pockets create even more space and easy access for to your metro card or coffee stamp.

Impossibly Thin

Measuring 6cm x 9.5cm the Paperwallet Cardholder is only a couple millimeters thic.

  • - Fit up to 6 credit cards
  • - Place for business cards
  • - Easy access side pockets!


Go swimming, go to the beach, or take a shower with your clothes on!
Tyvek® is 100% waterproof and the wallet is designed to last when exposed to the elements.
Take out your paper-cash first... It's probably not made out of Tyvek®!


Impossibly Thin – 3 millimeters

Credit Cards - Holds up to 6 credit cards (3 on each side)

Card Flaps: Conveniently holds different sized cards

Easy Access Side Pockets: Perfect for quickly grabbing the metro card

Recyclable: Tyvek® is 100% recyclable and made in part from post consumer recycled material!