We design our wallets after we have measured all major international notes!
The wallet fits USD, GBP, EUR, YEN, and more.

Note: The EURO Note ranges in size. The higher the value of the note the bigger the dimensions of the note. The high value notes are bigger than most currencies and don't fit in most wallets, You also find them less

The most commonly used EURO notes of 5,10,20,50 EUR all fit in the wallet
The 100 EUR note can be folded in half and fits flush side pocket of the wallet for safe keeping

The wallet measures: 8 x 20 (cm)

 thin bulk bulky paperwallet expandable slim


Go swimming, go to the beach, or take a shower with your clothes on Tyvek® is 100% waterproof and the wallet is designed to last when exposed to the elements! 

Take out your paper-cash first... It's probably not made out of Tyvek®


design art tested tyvek


Impossibly Thin – 3 millimeters

Credit Cards - Up to 12 credit cards

Long Lasting – Paperwallet products.

Recyclable – 100% recycles made in part from post consumer recycled content.

Large Side Pockets – Easy access to what you need on the fly.

Interior cash compartment card slots – Extra slots so you can organize your wallet the way YOU want.