'Cartoon Choir'
'Cartoon Choir' 'Cartoon Choir' 'Cartoon Choir' 'Cartoon Choir' 'Cartoon Choir' 'Cartoon Choir' 'Cartoon Choir'

'Cartoon Choir'



  • Best suited to 10-12 cards plus receipts
  • Made from Tyvek material
  • Artist Designed -  Designs by creative artists from around the world
  • Measures (closed wallet) - 1.6 inches (4.25 cm) x 3.3 inches (8.5 cm)
  • Stitch-less origami inspired, innovative product design
  • Backed by our 30 day warranty

    More About Tyapochkin

    Moscow, Russia

    Alexander Tyapochkin runs Yeah Yeah Studio in Moscow, Russia. "My works have maximum color; emotional and dynamic with positive energy. I like to combine modern digital art with traditional illustration; using ink, paints, textures and digital processes. I like art in its different manifestations, and even as a child I took an keen interest in the trends of modern art and music."

    Product Description

    The Card wallet’s simple yet ingenious origami design is made from one sheet of Tyvek® smart material. Our Card Wallets are designed to start paper-thin and expand with use to fit your needs and keeping your pockets slim for comfort while holding your out of house essential.

    Made from one continuous piece of Tyvek® smart material which makes it a virtually untearable wallet and highly resistant to wear and tear. Apart from being super-durable, the Tyvek® we use for our Credit Card Wallet is also water resistant, so rain or shine, you know you’re protected with your waterproof Card Wallet. Even though this slim credit card wallet is essentially a paper thin wallet, it still expands over time while remaining beautiful and never compromising it’s durability.

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